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Thailand International Water Treatment and Pumping Pipeline Exhibition in 2017

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Thailand International Water Treatment and Pumping Pipeline Exhibition in 2017
Date of the exhibition: June 7, 2017 - June 10, 2017
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok International trade and Exhibition Centre(BITEC)88 Bangna‐Trad Road, Bangna,Prakanong, Bangkok 10260 Thailand
Exhibition Introduction:
Thaiwater 2017 is hosted by UK UBM Exhibition Group Thailand, UBM Exhibition Group is one of the world's leading trade fairs and exhibition organizers, The biennial Thai Water Show continues the good momentum of previous sessions, In the Southeast Asian market gradually formed a new influence, will soon become one of the largest professional exhibitions in Southeast Asia, And access to the Thai Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau support.
PUMPS & VALVES 2017 as Thailand, And even the most professional valve exhibition in Southeast Asia, has been successfully held thirteen, and Asia's largest new energy show competition, Greatly enhance the exhibition in the whole of Southeast Asia's influence, and gradually developed into a world-leading trade fair. The exhibition has become one of the largest and most professional exhibitions in Southeast Asia, And supported by the Thai Urban Council and strong promotion.
Exhibits content:
1). Water treatment and water purification; Filtration technology, equipment and reagents; Analysis and laboratory equipment; Softening, desalination and desalting systems; Membrane systems; Water meters, direct drinking water technology and equipment; Drinking water treatment equipment; Treatment and sewage treatment, water cycle equipment and materials; sewage purification system; sewage quality control technology and equipment; dehydration technology; clean energy,etc.
2). Valves: ball valves, gate valves, vacuum valves, rotary valves, safety valves, solenoid valves, steam valves, traps, control valves, oil and gas valves, etc.
3). Pumps: pumps, pumps, chemical pumps, vacuum pumps, liquid pumps, sewage pumps, metering pumps, sludge pumps, pressure pumps, mud pumps, fire pumps, pneumatic pumps.
4). Pipes and hardware: pipes, pipelines, fittings, fittings, castings; electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, fasteners, drive systems, power machinery, control systems, instrumentation, etc. 

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